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This should be the "ABOUT ME PAGE"

The problem is I never know what I should put in here.
Where do I start?... What do I say?

So bear with me on this: I'm an old fart that's been
beating on computers since the early days of Vic-20's
and Commodore64's, (That's BEFORE hard drives
and Windows, for the kids out there.)

Back in the early to mid 90's I had the choice of staying
with DOS and going on to UNIX and LINUX, but alas I
made the "BIG" mistake of going with Windows and
I've regretted that ever since.

To keep myself busy I repair and service computers
and monitor along with doing tech support for 2 ISP's

I also keep my skills up on CNC Machining / All types
of welding and plasma cutting. I've built one complete
CNC Router and currently building my second along
with a CNC Plasma Machine. So I guess I fall into
that "old" category of: "Jack of All Trades"

I think that about covers it for now.... If I think of
anything else I'll update this page.

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